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*轉貼* 5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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We all love our dogs and their health is important to us. Today I want to give you some tips on what you can do to maximize your dog's health and keep him healthy.

1. Monitor your dog daily. Check to make sure your dog is eating well and has normal urine and bowel movements. These are very basic things.

2. Feed a premium dog food. A good quality food is important to your dog's health. Premium food companies take extra care to ensure that your dog has the nutrients he needs to stay healthy.

3. Make sure your dog is at an ideal weight. Thinness can be a sign of illness. If your dog is losing weight, see your veterinarian. If your dog is obese, that can also cause or exacerbate problems. Obese pets have more medical problems and physically they just can't do as much.

As little as 20 percent extra weight can put your pet at risk for developing some very significant diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. 

4. Make sure your dog has all necessary preventative medication including heartworm prevention, flea control prevention and all necessary vaccinations. See your veterinarian about recommendations for your dog.

5. Spend time with your dog. A happy dog is a dog that feels loved. Spend time with your dog – even if it is just giving him a head scratching while you are watching TV or talking to him while sorting laundry.

I hope these tips help keep your dog happy and healthy.

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